1st session of the online visit of the Jiangnan University to the University of Siena

The University of Siena together with IHF and the Jiangnan University launched the virtual mobility program under the JEUL project.  The virtual mobility is structured that is articulated along with 3-hour sessions that two virtual sessions of three hours each.

The workshop is structured along with two events of three hours each, with different sessions ranging from high-level meetings among the top management of the universities to the collaborative workshops among the placement offices.

The key themes discussed during the virtual mobility are: University and Enterprise collaboration in European, Italian and Chinese perspectives; the academic and pedagogical aspects of University / Enterprise collaboration; the operational aspects of university/enterprise collaboration.

Key participants in the sessions and events included teaching, research and admin staff members of the three organizations.

The University of Siena, Jiangnan University and IHF have been accelerating the implementation of the JEUL project after the disruptions due to COVID-19; the shift towards virtual mobilities and collaborations is proving effective in securing participation and development of tangible results, such as case studies, training material and upgrade of curricula.