2nd session of the Senior staff visit of Jiangnan University to the University of Siena

The University of Siena, in collaboration with IHF, run the second session of the Senior staff visit of Jiangnan University.

Prof. Costanza Consolandi, professor of Corporate finance and rector delegate for sustainability at the University of Siena, illustrated how the University of Siena manages the students’ placement to the Jiangnan University’s teaching staff. Prof. Consolandi focused on three aspects of placements:

1)      System of contacts

2)      Career events at the University of Siena

3)      Career guidance

The presentation of Prof. Consolandi enabled the Chinese colleagues to familiarize themselves with the University of Siena practices. Moreover, it facilitated the discussion at the senior staff level of the best strategies that universities should adopt to improve students’ employability after their studies.

Prof. Roberto Di Pietra, Dean of Department of Business and Law, University of Siena, welcomed the senior staff from the Jiangnan University and explained the University-Enterprise Cooperation at the departmental level, focusing on the domestic Experience and international Strategies.

Ms. Milena Fadda of the University of Siena’s international relations office presented the international dimension of the University of Siena, stressing the existing collaboration activities that the University of Siena is running with Chinese universities.

Prof. Maurizio Pomplella  (University of Siena) and Lorenzo Costantino (IHF) conducted a brainstorming session dedicated to the strategies of collaboration, discussing the impact that COVID-19 had and how it can be an opportunity in several aspects (didactical models, to introduce participating activities, case studies).