Enterprise surveys in China and Vietnam

401 Chinese and Vietnamese enterprises took part in the survey to analyses the knowledge and skill gap of graduates in China and Vietnam. The survey was carried out for three months from September to December 2018. Such analysis provided deeper insights for JEUL partners on how curricula should be modernized and be more responsive to the labour market needs in Chinese and Vietnamese universities.

The report surveys have been distributed to the relevant target groups (universities, enterprises, research centres, chambers of commerce, decision makers at local, regional and national level, students) and discussed at the Seminar on results of enterprise survey (22-23 January 2019) in Ho Chi Min City.

To achieve the aim of bringing closer the students of Vietnamese and Chinese universities to entrepreneurial mind-set and closing the gap between the skills mismatch, universities had to establish a mechanism through which they can learn from enterprises by sending their staff and students to companies on placements and internships.

The surveys are available here.