JEUL Placement Platform – on the way!

The online platform intends to facilitate the work of the Placement Offices of Chinese and Vietnamese universities, helping them to build and enhance their capacities.

The JEUL Placement Platform is the result of the survey carried out among 400 Chinese and Vietnamese universities, who responded to the questionnaires elaborated by the partner universities of the project.

The platform includes the key skills & competences and job market & companies’ needs for job profiles.

The job profiles included in the placement platform are five:

  1. Business managers
  2. Production and specialised services managers
  3. Office professionals
  4. Office associate professionals
  5. Customer clerks

Business managers: profile

The administrative and commercial managers plan and coordinate a range of functions (e.g. finance, policy, human resources, research and development, advertising, public relations) within their organisations. Their job involves, for example, formulating and administering policy advice, strategic and financial planning, directing the development of initiatives for new products, marketing, public relations and advertising campaigns, monitoring and evaluating new policies and strategies. The two main subgroups for this occupational group are ‘business services and administration managers’, and ‘sales, marketing and development managers’.




Production and specialised services managers: profile

Production and specialised services managers have a range of responsibilities regarding the production of the goods and the provision of specialised professional and technical services provided by an enterprise or organisation, including: detailed planning, setting of standards and objectives; quality assurance; managing and controlling budgets and costs; overseeing the selection, training and performance of staff; and representing the organisation in negotiations with other agencies and at public events.



Office professionals: profile

Business and administration professionals – also called ‘business professionals’ – are skilled office workers who carry out a broad range of tasks that involve dealing with business, administration, sales and marketing issues. Three broad sub-occupations can be identified within this occupational group:

  • finance professionals, e.g. accountants, financial analysts, etc.;
  • administration professionals, such as management and organisational analysts; and
  • sales, marketing and public relations professionals, e.g. advertising and marketing professionals, public relations professionals, etc.



Office associate professionals: profile

The business and administration associate professionals 1 perform mostly technical tasks connected with the practical application of knowledge relating to financial accounting and transaction matters, mathematical calculations, human resource development, selling and buying financial instruments, specialised secretarial tasks, and enforcing or applying relevant government rules. Also included are activities relating to the provision of business services, such as customs clearance and buying/selling of real estate.

The five main subgroups for this occupational group are:

  • financial and mathematical associate professionals;
  • sales and purchasing agents and brokers;
  • business services agents;
  • administrative and specialised secretaries;
  • and regulatory government associate professionals.


Customer clerks: profile

The customer service clerks include two main subgroups: tellers, money collectors and related clerks; and client information workers. Depending on the specific job and Sector employed, tasks may include money-handling operations in banks, post offices, and betting and gambling establishments. Customer service lies at the core of their tasks, focusing on supporting customers’ travel arrangements; supplying information requested by clients and making appointments; greeting and receiving visitors. Other clerks in this occupational group operate telephone switchboards; interview survey respondents and applicants for services.




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  • JEUL survey
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