JEUL progress online meeting

The JEUL project partners gathered in a virtual meeting to discuss the progress in each work package of the project. The European universities presented the advancements in the work packages of the project and jointly all partners debated on the next steps that should be taken before the next general project meeting planned in April […]

Completion of WP 3

The work package 3, which is dedicated to curriculum development in Chinese and Vietnamese universities, has been completed. Under the lead of ŠKODA AUTO University, the four Asian universities of the JEUL project have upgraded 30 curricula in their universities. The upgrade of curricula is the result several tasks carried out in work package 3. […]

Presentation of the JEUL project in Dissemination event

Mario De Martino participated in the online event “L’entrepreneuriat social et la management de la santé” (link, dissemination event organized by RUDN University and supported by the Francophone University Agency (Agence universitaire de la Francophonie – AUF). In his contribution to the dissemination event, Mario De Martino presented the JEUL project as an example of […]

Online JEUL plenary meeting

Today, the JEUL consortium gathered in an online plenary session to confirm the action plan for the remaining months of the project. The partners are committed to completing the remaining project activities and consolidating the results achieved so far to ensure long and effective sustainability of the projects’ results. The partners of the JEUL consortium […]

Project extension for one additional year

The coronavirus pandemic had a severe impact on the JEUL project and all the mobilities have been suspended from March 2020. The Executive Agency in Brussels has allowed extending the JEUL project for an additional new year to complete the pending project activities. All partners of the JEUL project are committed in completing the remaining […]

Online training to use the JEUL Job placement Software Application

Trainers of the company Fresh Start Nepal Private Limited showed to the academic and administrative staff of placement offices of Chinese and Vietnamese all the functionalities of the JEUL Job placement Software Application. In the event participated also representatives of the University of Siena, coordinator of the project, and IHF, partner of the JEUL project, […]

JEUL Job placement Software Application completed

The JEUL Placement Platform – completed in June 2021 – platform intends to facilitate the work of the Placement Offices of Chinese and Vietnamese universities, helping them to build and enhance their capacities. The JEUL Placement Platform is the result of the survey carried out among 400 Chinese and Vietnamese universities, who responded to the questionnaires […]