Installment of the equipment at JU

The Jiangnan University completed the purchase of the equipment that will be used in the JEUL project. The items purchased are smartboards, printers, laptops, computers. The equipment will be utilized by the Jiangnan University staff for the teaching activities related to WP 2 (use of case studies in courses), WP 3 (upgrade curricula) and WP […]

Establishment of Placement office at JU

The placement office of the Jiangnan University has been established by School of Business, and managed by the school-enterprise Committee. The location is set up in room 505, the economic management building of Jiangnan University. The placement office regularly organizes students to discuss cases; Arrange students to visit and practice in enterprises; Provide internship related […]

Establishment of the University-Enterprise Committee at JU

The Jiangnan University has established the University-Enterprise committee as a result of seminar University-Industry Links. The University-Enterprise committee is composed by: Deputy Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of JNU, Two vice deans of the school of business of JU At least 3 CEOs of partner companies (at the moment Dinghuicheng Engineering Technology […]

JEUL project presented at the 5th Management and Business World Conference

On February 19-20, 2021, Mario De Martino, project manager of the JEUL project, and Lorenzo Costantino, senior partner of IHF and member of the JEUL consortium, attended the international online event “5TH MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS WORLD CONFERENCE “(link co-organized by the University of Narotama (Indonesia). During his presentation, Mario De Martino and Lorenzo Costantino presented JEUL as a good practice […]

The Jiangnan University enhances the collaboration with enterprises

During the two-day event “Online seminar on university-industry links”, the Jiangnan University signed six memoranda of understanding with Chinese companies. The enterprises are: Jiangsu Jd Link International Logistics Co. Jiangsu jinhelida Trading Co. Jabil Circuit (Wuxi) Co. Wuxi new Airsea logistics co. Wuxi Qini e-commerce Co. Dinghuicheng Engineering Technology (Jiangsu) Co. The six companies will […]

Online Seminar on University-Industry Links

The Jiangnan University hosted the online seminar on university-industry links. In the two-day event, all the JEUL partners participated and shared their experience in the area of higher education-business collaboration. The event was the occasion of the Jiangnan University also to sign the memoranda of understanding with Chinese companies, which will be involved in the […]

Online workshop on Case studies run by Kent Business School

In January 2021 Kent Business School delivered a 3-day workshop to partners in Vietnam and China using the online platform Microsoft Teams. The workshop was led by Professor Des Doran with contributions from Judy Cohen. Professor Doran noted that  ‘It is always exciting to develop case studies through the exchange of information and the participants in […]