The Jiangnan University enhances the collaboration with enterprises

During the two-day event “Online seminar on university-industry links”, the Jiangnan University signed six memoranda of understanding with Chinese companies. The enterprises are: Jiangsu Jd Link International Logistics Co. Jiangsu jinhelida Trading Co. Jabil Circuit (Wuxi) Co. Wuxi new Airsea logistics co. Wuxi Qini e-commerce Co. Dinghuicheng Engineering Technology (Jiangsu) Co. The six companies will […]

Online Seminar on University-Industry Links

The Jiangnan University hosted the online seminar on university-industry links. In the two-day event, all the JEUL partners participated and shared their experience in the area of higher education-business collaboration. The event was the occasion of the Jiangnan University also to sign the memoranda of understanding with Chinese companies, which will be involved in the […]

Online workshop on Case studies run by Kent Business School

In January 2021 Kent Business School delivered a 3-day workshop to partners in Vietnam and China using the online platform Microsoft Teams. The workshop was led by Professor Des Doran with contributions from Judy Cohen. Professor Doran noted that  ‘It is always exciting to develop case studies through the exchange of information and the participants in […]

Modernization of curricula at Jiangnan University

Škoda Auto University organized an online training on curriculum development for the teaching staff of the Jiangnan University on January 18, 2020. Pavel Mertlík, the rector of the Škoda Auto University, coordinated the working session the training supported by Petr Šulc, Vice-Rector for Study Affairs and Quality Management, Lenka Stejskalová, Vice-Rector for International Relations, and […]

2nd session of the Senior staff visit of Jiangnan University to the University of Siena

The University of Siena, in collaboration with IHF, run the second session of the Senior staff visit of Jiangnan University. Prof. Costanza Consolandi, professor of Corporate finance and rector delegate for sustainability at the University of Siena, illustrated how the University of Siena manages the students’ placement to the Jiangnan University’s teaching staff. Prof. Consolandi focused […]

Two new partners in the JEUL project

The Jiangnan University and Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires (IHF) are new partners of the JEUL project. Jiangnan University has been engaged in JEUL project since its inception, attending the Workshop on university-industry links, which took place at Nanjing NUAA on March 26-29, 2018 (Task 1.1 of JEUL project), and supporting other project […]

Despite travel restrictions, the JEUL partners are advancing the implementation

Online meetings between the project partners have taken place during the lockdown, which affected all the project partners. The meeting helped the JEUL partners to continue the implementation of the project remotely and designing new activities, taking into consideration the unexpected conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic The Chinese and Vietnamese universities have progressed in […]