JEUL Placement Platform – on the way!

The online platform intends to facilitate the work of the Placement Offices of Chinese and Vietnamese universities, helping them to build and enhance their capacities. The JEUL Placement Platform is the result of the survey carried out among 400 Chinese and Vietnamese universities, who responded to the questionnaires elaborated by the partner universities of the […]

Second workshop on shaping case studies in Kent

The workshop on writing case studies took place at Kent Business School from 13th to 16th May 2019 May 2019. There partners from China and Vietnam were welcomed by Kent Business School. The purpose of the workshop was to share case studies’examples and shape them using a case study template. During the workshop JEUL partners attended Chatham Docks […]

Establishment of University-enterprise committee at UEH

The University of Economics of Ho Chi Min City has established the university-enterprise committee is a body composed of 25 members, including six automatic members, 12 elected members, and seven other members outside the university. The structure of the University Council members includes a) Automatic members include President and Secretary of Party Committee, Vice President, University […]

Establishment of Placement office at BUH

The Banking University of Ho Chi Min city has inaugurated the “Erasmus+ JEUL BUH Placement office”. Such office will help students in finding internships in Vietnamese companies and will be a crucial link with companies in the elaboration of the case studies (WP 2) and modernization of curricula (WP 3).  

Enterprise surveys in China and Vietnam

401 Chinese and Vietnamese enterprises took part in the survey to analyses the knowledge and skill gap of graduates in China and Vietnam. The survey was carried out for three months from September to December 2018. Such analysis provided deeper insights for JEUL partners on how curricula should be modernized and be more responsive to […]

JEUL 1st Annual meeting

The fist annual meeting which was hosted by Banking University HCMC (Vietnam) on 18th-27th January, 2019 was designed to evaluate the project progress and determine strong and week points of the implementation in order to become even better in the future. The project meeting also provided an opportunity for partners to discuss the results of […]

Establishment of Placement office at NUAA

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has established a placement office, which will facilitate the collaboration between the universities and companies. Since the beginning of the JEUL project, NUAA has signed 11 MoUs with Chinese companies ( Thanks to the support of the Placement Office, students of NUAA will carry out internships in such companies, and its […]

MoUs signed by Partner universities and Enterprises

University of Economics of Ho Chi Min City has signed 12 , Banking University of Ho Chi Min City has signed 3 and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has signed 13 Memorandums of Understanding with companies since JEUL project has started. The fields of cooperation are very wide (from marketing to tourism sector, from accounting […]