Establishment of the University-enterprises committee at NUAA

The University-enterprises committee of the College of Economics and Management of NUAA is composed by 16 members, who include the chairman, the dean, 10 professors and 4 representatives of the business sector.The University-enterprises committee brings together experts in enterprises in IE industry as well as faculty members carrying out related teaching and research. The main responsibilities […]

Training for placement officers

Partner universities have appointed Placement Officers and set up Placement Offices to manage the links with enterprises. The training for placement officers will be carried out in Italy, Sienna in September 2018 and will provide another opportunity for sharing experiences and new ideas.  Placement Offices at each partner university will increase the  chances of students to obtain employment upon graduation.

Enterprise Pathway workshop in Vilnius

Partners from Lithuania and Czech Republic have shared their experience in teaching and learning strategy based on a ‘blended learning’ approach – using traditional face-to-face delivery supported by the use of a virtual learning environment platform such as Moodle. In this workshop, much use was made of real examples of enterprise, encouraging interaction with local […]

Workshop on University – Enterprise Links

The Workshop on university-industry links was carried out at Nanjing NUAA on March 26-29, 2018. After the project Kick-off meeting, which took place in Siena (Italy), on February 1-2. Meeting agendas and presentations could be found here. The Workshop on university-industry links was the first main event of JEUL project gathering all JEUL partners and relevant stakeholders. […]

JEUL Kick-off in Siena, Italy

The kick-off meeting of JEUL took place in February 2018, hosted at University of Sienna in Italy. The objective of the meeting was to get to know each other better and to divide responsibilities to ensure correct Management of JEUL, using appropriate Project Management procedures, tools and techniques. All partners attended the meeting and shared […]