Online meeting between the Rector of the University of Siena and president of Jiangnan University

The meeting between Prof. Francesco Frati, rector of the University of Siena, and Prof. Wei Chen, president of Jiangnan University, opened the activity “visit of the senior staff from the Jiangnan University to the University of Siena” in the framework of the JEUL project on December 11, 2020.

Prof. Frati welcomed the Jiangnan University in the JEUL project as a new partner of the project and wished a fruitful collaboration between the two universities beyond the project activities. The coronavirus pandemic, affirmed Prof. Frati, should not be a barrier and on the opposite should be seen as an opportunity for future activities of collaboration.

Prof. Wei Chen stressed the great interest of the Jiangnan University of joining the project and underlined the shared vision in the achievement of the project goals. Prof. Wei Chen affirmed that the JEUL project represents a great opportunity to establish strong links not only between university and enterprises, but also between Chinese and European higher education institutions.