Second JEUL annual meeting and workshop

The second annual meeting hosted by Škoda Auto University (Czech Republic) was held on the 10th-11th of January, 2020. The meeting was focused on the results achieved from activities related to different Work Packages by international university partners, the overall overview of the implementation of the JEUL project, discuss the administrative issues, and review the upcoming project activities.

The Workshop on Embedding the Results of the Enterprise Survey and Feedback from Student Placements ”Co3 Education: Collaborative, Cooperative and Company-Driven” took place after the annual meeting, on the 13th – 17th of January, 2020. The workshop emphasized on reviewing JEUL Survey Results; Practical Corporate Experience; Practical Education; Curricula Development; Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit and Cooperation with the Enterprise. During the workshop, Vietnamese and Chinese partners have presented the experiences and results drawn from the project’s work packages and prospective of project experiences mainstreamed into development activities of partner universities.