Students of the College of Economics and Management started overseas internship at Skoda Auto University

On May 5, 2019, at the invitation of the Czech Skoda Auto University, teacher He Shawei from the College of Economics and Management led the team of three students named Dong Zhuojia, Sun Maoyuan, Leng Shiyu to travel to Skoda Group in Czech for a three-month internship. The students and representatives from Skoda Auto University conducted bilateral cooperation and exchanges.

On May 6, the representatives of Skoda Group showed the students around the production workshops, as well as the introduction of the plant’s overview, production processes and workers’ schedule. Press shop and assembly shop are two major workshops of Skoda Auto, at where the students witness the molding of cars in different manufacturing processes. The mechanization of the press shop is relatively high. There are only 200 workers in the press shop, mainly responsible for making various metal parts of the car, and pressing steel plates into different shapes, such as car doors and hoods. It takes 24 hours to produce a new car, of which 9 hours for stamping and casting, 11 hours for painting, 3 hours for assembly, and 1 hour for quality inspection.

So far, the students have a basic cognition of the factory and the upcoming internship life they will take. Then the representative of the enterprise gave a brief introduction to the students about the internship positions, job requirements and working hours.

On May 7, Lenka Stejskalová, the Director of International Exchange Office from Skoda Auto University, and David Holman, representative of teachers warmly welcomed the delegation from NUAA and wished the internship a complete success. Ms. Lenka and Mr. He Shawei reviewed the bilateral cooperation agreements with both NUAA and College of Economics and Management. They talked about to continue to deepen cooperation in the future, especially exchange visits of students and teachers, joint application for scientific research projects and other aspects. Mr. David introduced the general situation of the logistics engineering major to the members of exchange team and conducted in-depth communication with them.

The internship in Skoda University officially began on May 13. Before the internship started, the representatives from Skoda Group gave the students from CEM the pre-job training, and the company assigned a tutor for them during the internship. After the training, students of CEM visited the Skoda Auto Museum and had a comprehensive understanding of the history of Skoda Group.

Skoda Auto University was founded in 2000 and is located in Mlada Bolesav, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic, which is also where the Skoda Group headquarters located. The University is owned by Skoda Group and is the first “corporate university” in Czech. Relying on the cooperation agreement between the two sides and the first phase of university brand specialty construction project of Jiangsu Province (industrial engineering project), outstanding industrial engineering undergraduates are selected to go to the Skoda Group for internship every year. CEM selected 3 senior students majored in Industrial Engineering to go to Skoda Group in year 2019, which is the first time for Skoda oversea internship. In the future, Skoda Group and CEM will conduct further deepen cooperation in overseas internships, student exchanges and other exchange activities. With the support of the EU Erasmus+ program and bilateral agreement, Skoda Auto University and CEM of NUAA are conducting extensive and in-depth cooperation in student and teacher exchanges, and joint application for scientific research.